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4 NOV 2019

yowza. not keeping the site as up to date as I should!!! updated the 2020 model contest page. It's a leap year this year, so throws all of Fur Rondy off a bit. Still will be a fun event, so please show up with some models.

20 April 2015

Added the Spring 2015 schedule to the schedule page as well as the downloadable PDF file format as well. Enjoy the modeling and the new, fresh snow today!

12 April 2015

Spring is here! Well, sort of. It's sunny but still a bit cold. And all the snow is gone. Hard to decide; go outside or build a model? I'll update the website today.

Added a new member gallery for President for Life Paul. Enjoy some of his armor and figure models. Great turn out this year for the annual contest too. Thank to all of you who entered a model or just stopped by to visit.

16 January 2015

Happy New Year! Hope the holidays were delightful and you got all the plastic and decals you wanted. Updated winter 2015 schedule. Thanks again VP Joe for forwarding!

43 days until the contest. Get 'em done!

5 October 2014

Updated the fall schedule. Thank you VP Joe for forwarding the schedule.

146 Days until the contest....

26 September 2014

Yes, I still do occasionally update the website! thanks to El Presidente Paul Cote, I uploaded a great collection of pictures from the June 2014 House of Hobbies 50th Anniversary celebration where many of our club member's models were on display in their display booth. Also got some photos up of the club picnic and a nice walk around of a M8 Grehound US Armored car from the Alaska Territorial Cavalry (Motorized) http://www.akmvpa.com/. Thanks Paul for your contributions to the club and to the website!

155 Days until the 2015 model contest. Get 'em started or get 'em done!

3 March 2014

Wow, nice contest! Thank you all who entered models, came to visit, helped organize, setup, and administer this year's contest. We may not have had as many entries as last year, but the caliber of the entries were very high and very broad in subject matter. Nicely done Anchorage Modelers!

I'll get the rest of the photos posted soon. I was able to get the aircraft and armor galleries up yesterday. Stay tuned, more to come!

28 December 2013

Added the winter 2014 schedule. Enjoy.

28 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving fellow modelers. Hope you are enjoying your time with family and friends tonight. Updated a new member profile, Corbin's. He's a long time member, just new to the club member profile page. Take a look at his great collection of F-104's. See you all next week.

24 November 2013

Updated Greg's model folder with many photos of his 1/48 Mig-25 Foxbat that he completed recently. Also added a page of info about our sister club in PR who hosted a Make and Take event on 4 November. 58 kids showed up. Pretty good turn out.

Keep up the good work and may your airbrush always spray cleanly....

30 September

Updates some of the walk around galleries. Include ALL 189 photos of my 2010 trip to the USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton, OH. If you haven't been yet, and you are even remotely interested in airplanes....GO! I could have easily spent 2 days there. But I was lucky and was able to be there on a Friday when the Restoration Hangar was open as well. Also posted those photos too. Great shots of "Memphis Belle" undergoing restoration as well as many other unique aircraft under restoration. Check them out!

26 September 2013

Updated the Resources tab with a Soviet Slogan fact sheet provided to us from Pedro at IPMS Borinqueneers in Puerto Rico. Our Sister Club in Region 13.

Also updated the fall 2013 meeting scheduled. We are all organized up through January 2, 2014. What a quick year it has been!

Also updated the website header to reflect forever our 2012 Website of the year award. Might as well enjoy it!

Good modeling, 148 Days until the 2014 contest, so get 'em done!

29 August 2013

Thanks Greg for forwarding the KTUU video interview of Tim Kirby. Posted in the news section.

27 August 2013

Well, it's been a fun couple of months between posts. It's been an amazing summer in Anchorage. An amazingly long stretch of sunny, summer weather has prevailed, no doubt delaying many great model builds by our club members. In the middle of all that, three of our members were able to attend the IPMS Nationals in Loveland, CO. Tim Kirby won 3 awards, two first places and one second place. Incredible work by Tim and justly earned.

On the website front, well, we did well. We won the 2012 IPMS Website of the year award. nice recognition. I kind of wonder though how much competition there was this year! No worries, our friends from Puerto Rico in Region 13 (http://www.ipmsborinqueneers.com/) will no doubt be strong contenders for next year's website of the year.

So, 179 days left until the 2014 Fur Rondy Winterfest Model Contest and Show. How's your model coming along? :)

Be good to yourself, and remember, life is too short for a poorly fitting kit. Reward yourself and build something nice.


28 June 2013

Updated the summer schedule. Feel free to download!

18 May 2013

Updated member bios with new photos to Gevan's folder and added and updated Greg's bio and some pics. Oh, it snowed last night too. Spring time in Alaska!

7 May 2013

Updated the sidebar with the 2013 IPMS National Convention logo/link and updated the IPMS Logo to the 50th Anniversary one. Pretty small update. Model on.

6 April 2013

Updated the Resources page with a scale conversion chart and update the members page with photos of Gevan's models.

5 April 2013

Added an Airbrushing page under the Resources page.

Updated the Announcements page with an update on the 4 April club meeting.

28 March 2013

Updated the Members page with a couple shots of members. Hope to get some of their models up soon.

9 March 2013

Completely migrated the webpage over to a Google Sites webpage. Amazingly easy to do. Google truly makes web based apps that are intuitive, flexible, and easy. For a small hobby website like this, Google has made it so much easier to post content. Hopefully that will engender me to actually do that and not take up too much time from modeling!

Still a few pages to update and create, like this page which I'm actually adding on 12 March. Next will be to add actual content to the member web page and then add some of the embedded YouTube videos on modeling techniques that I had on the old site.

Anyhow, enjoy. Let me know what works or doesn't! Feedback form on the "Meeting Location" page.

17 February 2013

Added a modeling tips page. The page is just embedded YouTube videos of a few model painting techniques that I thought might be useful. Can certainly add more if there is interest. 5 days until the 2013 contest!

31 January 2013

We have joined the blogoshpere.....

Created a blog for the club meetings page. Helps reduce the size of the webpage by using the Google blog embedded in the page. Should make it much easier to post and update club meetings. Enjoy!

17 January 2013

Reviewed and cleaned up the links page. Tested all and deleted a few dead ones.

16 January 2013

Updated index page and the 10 January club meetings page with some photos of the meeting.

And....lo and behold, had our first, official entries of the contest via the online form! It works!!!! Six entries and we are 36 days out.

11 January 2013

Few small updates.

2012 Model Contest picture gallery posted. Enjoy.

Also actually posted the 2011 model contest photos too. 209 photos.... Enjoy those too!

Thanks to a great suggestion from Mark, you can now download a copy of the schedule to print. The link is on the bottom of the front page index of meetings. In the future, will just post the version that Paul and Joe make up for us and then you can print anytime you want!

Thanks Mark W. for this great, effective idea.

4 January 2013

Happy New Year fellow modelers.

I've added a new page to the site, Club Meetings. Hope to keep up a bit on meeting events, what we are working on etc. This came from a suggestion from the feedback form from an anonymous poster. Much obliged for the idea, hope you like it.

22 December 2012

Okay, couldn't stop tinkering. Updated web page style sheets and logo/menu buttons. Just tidying up a bit....

21 December 2012

Well, we seemed to have made it. The world hasn't ended yet.

Had a great time on the 20th for our annual Christmas Party. We had a special celebration upon to thank President For Life Paul Cote for his 30 plus years of service to the Anchorage IPMS club. A nice plaque as presented, nice words were said, and our heartfelt appreciation for his efforts, patience, and leadership was expressed. Watch for photos soon!

19 December 2012

Getting ready for the annual Christmas get together tomorrow evening with the club. should be a rousing good time as it always it is.

Updated the 2013 contest page with new forms for 2013, updated the rules with some minor grammar/text updates as well.

Really big experiment is the embedding of the GoogleDocs Form into the contest page. This will allow for online entry of models for the contest and should allow for some streamlining of model entries on the day the show begins.

Here's to hoping that it gets used!

26 SEP 2012

Updated the 2013 Model Contest Page. Added a count down timer just for fun.

148 days to go!!!!

7 AUG 2012

Okay, as usual, it's been a while. Updated the home page with some photos of the annual picnic and the bi-annual Arctic Thunder Airshow at JBER. Nice attendance by the club and a GREAT showing of models on display. Many guests stopped by to talk and gawk. Good fun.

16 MARCH 2012

Well it's been a while! Yes, I did some small updates in 2011, but not big enough to report I suppose!

Big updates to date; I've been teaching myself how to further use Google's free apps to expand the web site's utility. I've used Picassa photo albums in the past to share photos. Now, Google Forms!!!

Using the free Google forms document, I've built an <a href="page:// 7:Winterfest_Contest">online entry form </a>for our 2013 contest and a simple <a href="page:// 1:index">feedback option </a>on the home page. Hopefully these two experiments will allow for some feedback from users as well as help automate the 2013 contest entry forms. I'm pretty excited personally, and if you are one of the 30 or so people who may visit our site per month, and of those 30, maybe the 1 or 2 who actually read the What's New section, check it out and let me know what you think!

30 DEC 2010

Updated the Members page with our first detailed member bio and photos. Thanks Greg for your quick reply and help! Thanks Wookie for your ongoing guinea pig status!

Thank you anyone who read this!


14 DEC 2010

Okay, things seem to be running smoothly with the new server space at GCI. Or at least no one has told me about any problems!

Did a quick check on the Google Analytics site for the past year at the old domain. Here are some interesting facts for our visitor numbers: (Dec 2009 to Dec 2010)

677 Visits (it's a good day if we get 7-8 hits in day!)

470 absolute unique visitors

English is the most common language of our visitors. No surprise there.

Second most popular was FRENCH with 25 visits. Sacre bleau! That is surprising! Merci!

Then Italian with 14 visitors and Netherlands with 12.

Average time on site: 1 minute 50 seconds.

52.8% of visitors use Internet Explorer

30.72% use Firefox

11.08% use Safari (I didn't know Mac people knew how to model! :)

In order of user networks providers:

GCI (190 visits)

ACS (46)

AT&T (22)

US Fish & Wildlife (20 visits!)

HQ USAISC (18 visits!)

MTA Solutions (17 visits - Thanks you Valley Friends!)

Deutsche Telekom (3 visits)

Univ. New Mexico Health Sciences Center (2 visits!)

3 mobile device visits. Sorry, we're really not setup well for that!

35.9% of our visits are direct, you know our address.

26.4% of our visits are referred to us from Scalemodelindex.com. Great site and thank you!!!!!

6.94% of our visits are referred to us from IPMS USA.

1.3% or 10 visits were referrals from our own Anchorage House of Hobbies website.

Okay, enough data distraction. Time to get back to modeling!

Happy Holidays friends.

4 DEC 2010

Experimenting with new GCI webspace. Amazingly simple to make the move. Took about 30 minutes between a phone call to GCI customer support and a couple of google searches for info. Then 2 or 3 experiments with FTP updates from the internet publishing software I use, and it's up. Now to get GoDaddy.com forwarding to redirect to the new GCI domain. Hang tight!

1 NOV 2010

Updated winter schedule through January 2011. Let the snow fly, we have a schedule and shelf full of models to build! Now where did I put that XF-56......

19 OCT 2010

Updated Walkarounds page. Added links to my recent trip to the US Air Force Museum an the Restoration Hangar there. Enjoy!

19 SEP 2010

Based on the interest of the 16 SEP presentation on our club members workspace, I added a page under articles with links to pictures of Paul and Dennis' work shops. More to come!

12 AUG 2010

Updated the meeting schedule for the rest of the summer and through Halloween. Wow, that was one quick summer, wasn't it? let the snow fly and let's get back to modeling!

27 June 2010

Posted new links that were sent by club member Greg S. Thanks Greg!

Updated the walk around site. Used Picassa photo albums to post new photos. I know, old trick, but we're not the most up to date here on the website! Rather spend our time making the models!

15 May 2010

Posted 2010 model contest photos. Probably a bit too big with the photos.... sorry if they take a while to load!

Also added in memoriam page for Bob MacArthur who passed away on April 14, 2010. He was a founding member of our club and will be missed.

24 NOV 2009

Updated 2010 Model show and contest page. Also updated links page with great link to world's largest model railroad!

24 OCT 2009

Updated 2009 Winter Schedule

5 SEP 2009

Updated and cleaned up links page. Deleted a few old links.

28 June 2009

Webpage housekeeping. Cleaned up design, created master template for page uniformity. Cleaned up some old pages. Should help automate future updates!

18 MAY 2009

Updated meeting schedule page. Added Google Map of meeting place. Updated meeting subjects.

15 MAR 2009

Created test member's page. Prototype for members to have small profile each of their work, who they are, etc.

Wookie is a good egg for letting me experiment with him!

12 MAR 2009

Posted obituary for Tim Ashcraft. We miss you Tim!

Updated 2009 and 2008 contest photo galleries.

A little back end page clean up, corrected a few internal page links.

30 JAN 2009

Updates some pages with nice version of our old club logo. Updated winter schedule a bit. Updated Stryker Walk Around with some photos of Strykers on rail cars.

Also updated the 2009 Contest page with the following:

2008 Winners

2009 Rules

2009 Entry Form

April 27, 2008

Updated Spring-Summer 2008 Meeting Schedule

December 16, 2007

Updated 2008 Winter Fest Rules and Categories.

October 18, 2007

Updated meeting schedule from 18 Oct through 2 Jan 2008.

August 6, 2007

Updated the fall 2007 meeting schedule. Good to go through 25 September.

July 7, 2007

Updated the links page with a few new links submitted by Presidente Paul

June 16, 2007

Updated 2008 contest page with dates, 23 February - 2 March, 2008.

Also posted club picnic info on home page. July 21 11:00 AM to no later than 6:00 PM.

May 13, 2007

First two how-to <a href="page:// 4:Articles">articles</a> submitted and published. Both articles by none other than President for life of Anchorage IPMS, Paul Cotè. Webmaster Garcia is getting pretty busy with work, so newer updates may be sparse through early Summer.

May 3, 2007

Updated <a href="page:// 21:2007_WinterContestResults">2007 Winterfest contest </a>results. Posted pictures of cars and dioramas. More to follow. Having a heck of time importing an excel file of the 2007 winners, but will keep working on it and updating pictures.

Updated links too.

April 2, 2007

Updated links page.

February 4, 2007

Updated Spring 2007 Meeting Schedules.

January 15, 2007

Added the 2007 Scale Model Contest pages for the Winterfest 2007 contest.

September 25, 2006

Updated the Walkaround page, added 11 pictures of a <a href="page:// 9:Walkaround_Stryker">Stryker</a> that was on display at the Arctic Thunder Air show.

Also added this page to keep track of what's new on this web site.

Updated the <a href="page:// 5:Links">links</a> page with a few choice links.