4 April Meeting - How to make an air compressor

Post date: Apr 6, 2013 6:18:34 AM

Good turn out for Gideon's presentation on how to make an air compressor out of an old refrigerator compressor, a salvaged air compressor tank, and some spare parts. Yeah, it's easier to just buy one, but if you have a hankering to tinker and learn how compressors work, give it a shot. Check out the Resources page for links to a couple of sites that show you how to do this.President Paul brought in a ton of new kits. Squadron upped their free shipping to purchases over $150, so, what's a guy to do? Thanks Paul for bringing in all those nice looking kits. Hope you were able to clean up all the drool.Joe brought in a nice collection of US WWII-Korea vintage rifle grenades. Scott claims his 1/72 LCT and Sherman are done but for the machine guns. It looked pretty sharp, as usual for Scott's work.We had visitor from Fairbanks, Stu, who had a few more kits for Gideon to sell. Watch for these kits in upcoming meetings.Enjoy the spring weather, but don't let it slow down your modeling!

4 April 2013 IPMS Anchorage Meeting