11 JULY Meeting - Does it Float? Queen Mary Extravaganza!

Post date: Jul 13, 2013 5:38:56 PM

11 july ipms meeting

What an incredible meeting! The theme of the night was "Anything that Floats". And what a nice surprise to see Tom's amazing, 17 year project on building a model of the Queen Mary in approximately 1:125 scale. Do the math, that's about 8 feet long!

Tom has taught AutoCAD for years and took good advantage of those skills to draft up plans that he built off of. This ship is scratchbuilt, using the "Bread and Butter" hull construction method according to Scott and then covered with balsa wood planking.

Tom went even further. It is lit internally with both fluorescent lights and externally with miniature "Wheat of Grain" light bulbs. To say the least, it is an amazing project. Let's let the photos speak for themselves!

11 july ipms meeting

To see the rest, view the slide show below!