28 March Meeting - Grumman "Cats"

Post date: Mar 29, 2013 7:01:02 AM

A bit smaller turn out tonight than usual, but nonetheless, a spirited conversation was had on the subject of Grumman aircraft. Scott brought in an F4F in yellow wings livery, a F9 from the Korean War and an S2F-1 Tracker, all in 1/72.Josh brought in a 1/48 Hellcat, Hasegawa kit if I recall correctly.A 1/18th scale F4F was on hand as well which was a treat to see the cockpit detail.Scott brought in his LCT and Sherman to show the most recent round of weathering. A deft touch indeed with the washes and filters. He claims he needs to add some pastel weathering highlights and a few more odds and ends before calling it good.One heck of a motley looking crew.....