Aquarian Charter School Make and Take

Post date: Jan 19, 2014 2:26:41 AM

Students enjoying their time with their parents.

Tim Kirby held his second annual Make and Take for 14 lucky students at the Aquarian Charter school in Spenard. The kids had brought their parents along as well for a fun, multi-generational model making experience. Ms. Christina, Gifted and Enrichment Teacher, helped coordinate the activity with Tim.

Tim roped in Ed and Gideon to assist in presenting to the students and the parents as well as providing an extra pair of eyes when anyone ran into a construction problem. Tim did a great job of having each student come to the front of the class, introduce themselves and their parent before returning to their seat with their 1/48 scale Pegasus Spitfire Mk. I.

These snap together kits were eagerly put together by the students with the help of their parents and Tim, Ed and Gideon. Afterwards, each student told everyone else what they enjoyed the most about building their kit.

It was a great event, with a lot of participation by all involved.

Great work Tim on getting the word out and sharing the hobby with the next generation of participants. Something the club should look at doing more often!