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2015 Best in Show Winners

posted Mar 9, 2015, 8:51 PM by Anchorage Webmaster   [ updated Mar 10, 2015, 11:39 PM ]
Best in Show, 1st Place, 1/35 M-19 Tank Transporter with Sherman Tank. Built by Scott Bruno and flawlessly executed. Scott is known for his single mindedness when building. He only works on one model at a time. A discipline unknown to his modeling club peers....

People Choice Award and Best in Show, 2nd Place, 1/24 Nissan Racing Car built by Tim Kirby. A truly exquisite piece lovingly put together with literally hundreds of hours of time invested. Literally.  Tim takes his models seriously, and his car models even more seriously. Enjoy!

Best in Show 3rd Place, 1/72 German WWII Panther Mk V Tank. Designed and made out of.... PAPER. Yes, this little gem was engineered on a computer by Julian Marsh and then painstakingly built from his own designs.  The patience and perseverance is perverse.  Julian, hats off to you my friend.

1/72 PAPER Panther. Amazing work by Julian

Best in Show, 3rd Place

Humor in Modeling Award went to Greg Solomon for his 1/25 model "Go Mad Nomad." Nicely done Greg!

Humor in Modeling Award

Congrats to Greg Galik who won the Best Alaskan themed model with his 1/48 DC-3 in Wien Air Markings. Nicely done for a first time entrant in our contest!

A-142-A 1st Place

First Prize, categ A-142-A, Div. champ 3rd, best Alaska Themed Award

First Prize, categ A-142-A, Div. champ 3rd, best Alaska Themed Award