Upcoming Meeting Dates and Themes

Typical meeting schedule:
7:00 - 7:30 PM    
Doors open, social time as people arrive.
7:30 - 8:30 PM    
Meeting starts 7:30ish. Go around the table, share current projects you are working on or other model based topical news/updates
8:30 - 8:45 PM    
Quick break. Smoke 'em if you go them. Buy/sell any models anyone brought.
8:45 - 9:30 PM   
Nightly presentation. Sometimes presented by one person, then other attendees chime in on the specific topic for the night. Other nights, we all just chime in on the specific topic for the evening.

4 Jan 2018 Swap Meet:  Kits and model-related items for sale or trade.


11 Jan Mid-East Military:  Any armor, aircraft or other models relating to the Middle East; Paul has the lead.


18 Jan Camouflage for Aircraft, Ships, Armor and Uniforms:  Scott and Paul.  Bring examples and discuss their background. 


25 Jan Decal Application:  Scott will show how to make decals look like they’ve been painted on.

1 Feb How You Got Started:   Why did you start building models?  Bring in your oldest model.


8 Feb Modeling Firearms:  Paul demonstrates replicating 1/35 scale firearms; please bring in any of Don Lindburg’s firearm models you may have.


15 Feb Revenge of the Sci-fi Night:  Sci-fi modeling takes a turn; Cody leads, everyone contributes. 

22 Feb Fur Rondy Contest Preparation:  Practice judging, rules and administration.


Annual Model Contest: 24 Feb Enter models; 25 Feb Judging; 26 Feb-3 Mar Display; 4 Mar model pick-up


8 Mar Figure Construction and Conversions:  Neil shows how to make plastic figures do what you want them to.

(You can also download the entire schedule below in PDF format.)

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